The Kent Generic Report Server

Kent is a generic report server that provides reports to users via a JSP/Servlet based interface. The current version is 0.9 (the initial beta release).

Internally Kent reports produce two XML based files, a template and a data file, which are then transformed into the output format selected by the user. The user may also select actions to be performed when the report runs, such as for it to be emailed somewhere.

Reports, actions and transforms (modules) are Java objects, allowing arbitrary functionality. They are loaded dynamically by the system at runtime, and may be added or updated while the system is running. Base classes exist that simplify creation of new modules, and simple SQL based reports should not require programming (although at the moment they do require editing XML files).

The reporting engine is seperate from the interface, and interfaces other than the supplied JSP/Servlet based one can be added relatively easily. A CORBA interface suitable for use by external programs is going to be added soon.

Please visit the SourceForge project page for more information, or to download the system.

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